Not-For-Profit & Charitable Organizations

Compliance and governance to ensure continued status and success. OFORI LAW can help you establish or maintain your not-for-profit or charitable organization. We work with various organizations and are intimately familiar with compliance and regulatory issues to maintain your not-for-profit or charitable status.

Our team can help with the initial setup of a not-for-profit or charitable organization. The Canada Revenue Agency is very specific about the criteria that you must meet to gain this status and we will work with your organization to make sure these requirements are met as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our not-for-profit clients include religious organizations, international aid organizations, professional organizations, sports and athletic organizations, service clubs, social clubs, charities and more. If you are interested in establishing a not-for-profit organization or already have one that you need legal advice maintaining, please contact us.

Our Not-for-Profit and Charity Organization Services include:

  • Formation of Organization (Trusts, Association, incorporation);
  • Organization (not-for-profit by-laws and resolutions);
  • Not-for-profit and charitable objects, purposes and activities;
  • Federal and provincial Not-for Profit Incorporation;
  • Application to register a charitable organization;
  • Ongoing not-for-profit & charitable governance (policies, constitution; agreements); and
  • Annual resolutions and maintenance.