Wills & Estate Planning

OFORI LAW provides comprehensive Wills and Estate Planning services for our clients because we understand the value of proper planning and preparation for unforeseen events like death or accidents. We believe that a well-documented and carefully crafted planning process can eliminate any conflict for families, loved ones or beneficiaries. We plan strategically to enable easy distribution of assets in the most tax-efficient manner possible, thereby maximizing the value of inheritance due your beneficiaries.

Our Wills and Estates Planning Services include:

  • Simple Wills;
  • Dual/Mirror Wills;
  • Multiple Wills (Primary and Secondary Wills);
  • Powers of Attorney for Health Care;
  • Continuing Powers of Attorney for Property;
  • Testamentary Trusts;
  • Henson Trusts;
  • Spousal Trusts;
  • Bare Trusts and Alter-Ego Trusts;
  • Family Trusts; and
  • Estates Administration and Probate.